Tricho Solutions offers specialized products and services for hair beauty. Owned by Ottawa Hair Loss Clinic & Wellness, our products are formulated to provide you with the best wellness solutions for your hair and scalp. With some chemicals being harmful to the hair and scalp, all our products are made from organic and chemical free products as their aim is to prevent, restore, reverse, and revitalize your hair and scalp.

The Creator

Mikaella Celestin WTS is a certified trichologist and Owner of Ottawa Hair Loss Clinic & Wellness who has been practicing holistic medicine since 2016. As a certified scalp specialist and a Professional member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, Mikaella has helped clients support their body and mind through a holistic approach to wellness.

Mikaella’s passion for hair care was born out of the challenges of hair loss as a result of anemia. With the urge to continuing enhancing her beauty with hairstyles, a bad braiding experience led to thinning hair edges, bleeding scalp, and eventually her hair falling out which became overwhelming and depressing as it was a struggle to restore her hair health.

Having successfully understood the need for a healthy hair and new ways to care for her hair, she then made it her passion and ambition to help others faced with hair challenges such as hair loss and scalp diseases. She went ahead to obtain trainings and certifications in hair loss and scalp treatments, low-level therapy, non-surgical hair replacement and blood analysis.

With the goal to continually learn and advance in ways to help people look and feel their best – when they raise their head high – Mikaella participates in many Trichology conferences around the world and has completed numerous courses in Nutrition and a study as a Naturopath Doctor. To her, a healthy hair fosters a healthy mind.