Tricho’s Boost Repair Conditioner/Extreme Treatment 16oz

Tricho’s Boost Repair Conditioner/Extreme Treatment 16oz

$ 59.95

Tricho’s Boost Repair Conditioner/ Extreme Treatment is a highly-moisturizing, restorative conditioner that protects and repairs hair by re-linking broken bonds. Full of moisturizers and humectants, it is specifically designed for curly, tightly coiled hair, i.e. 3a to 4c hair types.This product enhances the natural hair texture with bounce and movement while creating a shiny, lustrous touch.


Curl Retention Complex- This unique blend is designed to deliver protection and optimize the integrity of the hair while improving curl retention. Rice amino acids condition and hydrate the hair to intensify its integrity and reduce moisture loss. Stearoyl CoA-desaturase (SCD-1) – Improves the hair’s flexibility, curl retention, and texture. Tomato Bioferment – Restores the disulfide bonds in damaged curly hair, strengthens it, and
enhances its structure to ultimately improve curl. Keratin Amino Acids – Act as humectants to further hydrate the hair, leaving it looking smooth and polished. DL Panthenol – Pantothenic acid or vitamin B5 selectively deposits and adheres to damaged areas of hair to restore it. Humectant properties help to attract and hold moisture on the hair. Quaternized Honey – Honey (INCI: hydroxypropyltrimonium honey) delivers unique moisturizing,
softening, and smoothing benefits. Aloe Vera – In addition to excellent hydrating effects, the cocktail of vitamin A, C, and E contributes to cell turnover, promotes healthy cell growth, and shiny hair. Botanical Butter and Oil Coconut, marula, and shea are antioxidant-rich emollients that hydrate, soften, and condition the hair.

Usage: Apply to wet hair and lather completely covering the scalp. Gently massage your scalp in
circular motion using light pressure. Rinse hair thoroughly.
Caution: For external use only.