About Us

Tricho Solutions:

Elevating Hair Wellness

At Tricho Solutions, we specialize in creating products and services that enhance hair beauty. Our meticulously formulated offerings are designed to provide optimal wellness solutions for your hair and scalp. What sets us apart? All our products are crafted from organic, chemical-free ingredients, with a singular goal: to prevent, restore, reverse, and revitalize your hair and scalp.

Meet the visionary behind Tricho Solutions:

Mikaella Celestin WTS.

As a certified trichologist and the owner of the Ottawa Hair Loss Clinic & Wellness, Mikaella has been practicing holistic medicine since 2016. Her expertise extends beyond traditional hair care – she’s a certified scalp specialist and a professional member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

her own battle with hair loss due to anemia. Determined to maintain her beauty while navigating this struggle, she encountered a traumatic braiding experience that left her with thinning hair edges, a bleeding scalp, and eventual hair loss. This pivotal moment ignited her passion for healthy hair and inspired her mission to assist others facing similar challenges.

Mikaella pursued extensive training and certifications in various areas:

Driven by compassion and knowledge

But her commitment doesn't end there.

Mikaella Celestin WTS.

But her commitment doesn’t end there. Mikaella actively engages with the global trichology community by participating in conferences worldwide. Additionally, she continually expands her expertise through courses in nutrition and naturopathy.

To Mikaella, healthy hair isn’t just about aesthetics; it fosters a healthy mind – empowering individuals to hold their heads high with confidence.